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  • Emergency Service Providers Address Growth

    See article at link below

  • Spring is ISO Class 3 District Wide

    Spring is ISO Class 3 District Wide

  • Live Scanner Listening Tip

    Listening tip for the live scanner feed.

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  • Final Inspection

    Apparatus Committee at Pierce plant to conduct final inspection on E71 and E78.

    New Pumper Update #5

    The trucks have finished in testing and are on the post test line for graphics and final assembly.

    New Pumper Update #4

    This week the trucks are proceeding down the final assembly line.

  • New Pumper Update #3

    This week the chassis moved from frame up to chassis assembly. The cab was completed and installed on the chassis. The body and pump house have been painted. The pump module is ready to be mounted to the chassis. The body is painted and will move to the module line for re-installation of the compartment interior components and tread-plate.

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